Meta From the Jump: How to Make Your First Website in 4 Easy Steps

1. Fucking use Squarespace

I get to swear here. It's my blog. Anyways, Squarespace made this shit SUPER EASY. The interface can occasionally be frustrating, but on the whole, Squarespace has made it BEYOND EASY to set up a website. I ultimately paid TK (after using a promo code -- personally I used Joe Rogan's codeword 'Rogan' to save 10%), which locked down the domain name AND the website for a year.

2. Start with Why

Why are you making a website? Research shows that clarity of purpose is the best indicator of success, regardless of field. So before you dive headlong into ANY venture, you might as well take a few minutes to point yourself in the right direction. If you already plan on shooting the arrow, you might as well make sure your bow is aimed at the target.

Me? I wanted a hub to showcase my hard-to-encapsulate creative works and interests. I write, produce, read voraciously, and am constantly looking to optimize my life, and want to share the knowledge with as many people as possible. Thus, the four sections you see above!

The bonus perk: since starting this thing, I've been CONSTANTLY motivated to output more than normal. And I originally started it as a distraction! :)

3. Keep it simple, consistent, and accessible

Don't put barriers between the world and how awesome you are! Your three goals should be to keep things:

           Simple -- less work for you. Less confusion for your viewer

           Consistent -- style points, baby. Pick a color scheme, stick to it, and look way more professional than you deserve.

           Accessible -- think about what people will look for, and give it to em! J Crew doesn't hide the clothing on the third page.

4. Keep it going

It's easier than ever to start a website...and to give one up. My trick? Get a backlog of work up there before it goes public. I put so much effort into the design and content for the site, that by the time I started sharing it willy nilly, I was beyond obligated to keep it going. Otherwise I'd just feel like an asshole.

Bonus fact: Since this is my first blog post, everything you just read IS the first content I'm putting up here. Time travel!!