Spec Scripts

Based around untranslatable words, Lacuna follows hapless 20-somethings Dino and Alexis as they attempt to get their lives on track after their own personal tragedies. But how can you live a happy life if English doesn't even have the words to describe it? 

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Lacuna Matata

Pilot: 30m, Single cam, Cable comedy


A failed novelist sees his ticket back to fame by unraveling the conspiracy behind string of murders at a competitive eating carnival. 

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The Edible Complex

Feature: Comedy, Thriller, Mystery


On The Rocks

Pilot: 30m, Single cam, Cable comedy 

Broke and expelled, an elitist liberal grad student is forced to return to his conservative hometown to make ends meet and hustle his way back into academia.

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12 Fantasy Court

Pilot: 30m, Animated comedy

When a gang of off-stereotype fantasy creatures are exiled to The Suburbs, they team up with their 'House Mom' to ingratiate themselves back into the Realm of Myth

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